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See yourself in the fight for freedom! Rededicate your citizenship and declare your independence!

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Bonnie Busco: Cries of Freedom Director, (801) 375-1477

Leann Swain: Cries of Freedom Music Director, (801) 224-3093

Scott Swain: Event Producer, (801) 836-3781

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This year the Cries of Freedom event will be held in the SCERA Center for the Arts, Showhouse 2 and Room 201. Come and enjoy padded seats and central air conditioning as you view this stirring musical indoors! The show is still free to the public. We will also have our immigration simulation at SCERA Center for the Arts. There will also be a Walk of Honor on the front lawn.

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July 2nd, 3rd and 4th at SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem, UT


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About the musical:

Through song and dance, our musical tells the story of freedom-seeking people from the late 1400's, with Joan of Arc, the cries of the Dutch in the 1500’s, the Scrooby separatists and pilgrims of the 1600’s and the colonists in the 1700’s. The show depicts the great moment we became a nation as well as many other historical moments.