See yourself in the fight for freedom! Rededicate your citizenship and declare your independence!

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Bonnie Busco: Cries of Freedom Director, (801) 836-3781

Leann Swain: Cries of Freedom Music Director, (801) 224-3093

Scott Swain: Event Producer, (801) 375-1477

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Event Trailer

2017 Volunteers

To celebrate our 10th year we will have a special Walk of Honor. Go online to order your flags today. All proceeds benefit the Wounded Warriors Project. We will also have a great line-up of historical personalities, prize drawings, music and so much more!

2017 Event Overview

Enjoy FREE entertainment with Big Band music, “Cries of Freedom, The Musical,” and dramatic speeches. Listen to our historical personalities describe what is was like to be Christopher Columbus, Joan of Arc, Thomas Jefferson or William Bradford.

Our 10 th season of “Cries of Freedom” will be exciting! We will have a special drawing before each show and then through song and dance our musical will tell the story of freedom-seeking people from the late 1400's, with Joan of Arc, to our day.  Not only will you hear Joan of Arc’s cry, but you will experience the cries of the Dutch in the 1500’s, the Scrooby separatists and pilgrims of the 1600’s and the colonists in the 1700’s. The show will depict the great moment we became a nation as well as many other historical moments. Once again we are privileged to honor the military at the end of every show.

2017 Event Details

It takes many volunteers to help with this event. Take a look at our volunteer opportunities and sign up where you feel you can help.

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Listen to this Radio Interview with Event Director Scott Swain to learn more about this inspiring event and the motivation behind it.  

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Radio Interview

2017 Show Auditions!

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Auditions for  Cries of Freedom the musical are April 25, 27, 29. RSVP today!
See flyer for more details:

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