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See yourself in the fight for freedom! Rededicate your citizenship and declare your independence!

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Bonnie Busco: Cries of Freedom Director, (801) 375-1477

Leann Swain: Cries of Freedom Music Director, (801) 224-3093

Scott Swain: Event Producer, (801) 836-3781

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We thank the many volunteers and sponsors who help to make this event happen every year! Here is how you can become a sponsor:

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Needs List: Please read through our needs list below and consider how you, your business or your organization may contribute to this event.
*Cries of Freedom is a produced by Roots of Freedom - a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Therefore, donations are tax deductible.

Ongoing Needs

Storage unit or trailer - for sound gear, costumes, props, staging blocks, etc.

Costume pieces:

Immigrant hats

Aprons - solid colors

Knickers - all sizes (but especially waists 32-36)

Immigrant coats

Fabric -  to make knickers, skirts, shirts, aprons, vests/ coats



Swords/ Weapons/ Armor

Ship props - captains hat, spy glass, sextant, helm (wheel)

Wood Ramps or Steps - for front and side stage access

Sound Equiment:

Pelican Cases - for storing audio equipment

Microphone Belts - or labor/ materials to make them.

Misc. Supplies:

Carpet - or other material for covering cables in traffic areas

AA Batteries - unused (wireless microphones use 20 AA's per performance)

Tape - Masking, Gaffing Tape - for cabling

Wood - for ramp, railings, prison bars (i.e. 2"x4"x10', large plywood)

Large format printing services

Other Services:

Setup/ take down - tents, flags, stage, equipment, chairs, etc.

Running Booths

Food Vendors - for event guests

Food & Snacks for cast and volunteers

Live Sound Technicians - for performances and rehearsals


Sewing Labor

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